Trash Mound Removed From Sandy Springs Apartment Complex

SANDY SPRINGS, GA — An apartment complex is back in compliance with a city of Sandy Springs’ directive to remove a large mound trash from its property or face legal action stemming from the long-running battle to keep the area clean.

An inspection conducted at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday of Edgewater at Sandy Springs indicates cleanup was "underway" at the 800-unit apartment complex at 7600 Roswell Road, city spokesperson Dan Coffer said. On Thursday, Coffer told Patch that the mini mountain of garbage has been removed, and the apartment complex is "currently in compliance." He also said the city of Sandy Springs will be monitoring the situation on a daily basis.

This coordinated effort comes on the heels of the City Council’s Oct. 16 meeting where elected officials, Sandy Springs staffers and audience members were briefed about the ongoing situation at the complex. City Attorney Dan Lee’s presentation included a photo taken from a vehicle of hundreds of trash bags, scores of cardboard boxes and other miscellaneous types of garbage taking up space adjacent to what appears to be a small storage building.

"This is the worst it has been," Lee said.

Credit: city of Sandy Springs

Code enforcement officers have been called to the 800-unit complex 24 times in the last two years, and the apartment manager has been cited 10 times as a result of code violations. A temporary dumpster was installed, but has since been removed and the trash pile has grown. Code enforcement cited the complex on June 12 and Oct. 15, and a court order required the installation of two dumpsters on site.

Lee told City Council members that different excuses have been provided to Sandy Springs as to why the trash reappears. The city attorney said the management company, BH Management, has not supplied the necessary resources to clean up the property and to keep trash at a minimum.

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On Tuesday, the city notified the apartment complex and its owner that it had until 8:30 a.m. Wednesday to make a dent in its efforts to clean up the garbage or that it would apply a rarely-use ordinance allowing the city to clean up the trash itself. In turn, Sandy Springs would impose a lien on the property to recover the cost to remove the nuisance.

"This will apply a little bit of the pain back to the owner with the lien of the cost," Lee said.

Mayor Rusty Paul, who noted the property is in the North End of the city, added this recurring trash mountain "has been an ongoing problem" at this site, so Sandy Springs is holding the property management’s feet to the fire in order to get compliance.

Images via city of Sandy Springs

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